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If you are enrolled in the JBT Medical plan, discounted chiropractic treatments are available through Landmark Healthcare. If you are enrolled in an HMO, you may have coverage available through your HMO, but you are not eligible through Landmark Healthcare.

This section covers:

For a complete description of your chiropractic benefits, refer to the “Chiropractic Treatment Benefit” section of the Summary Plan Description (1.1 MB PDF).

If you have questions about the JBT chiropractic treatment benefit, contact the JBT Administrative Office at 1-800-JBT-HELP (1-800-528-4357).

How the JBT Chiropractic Treatment Benefit Works

Chiropractic benefits are provided for chiropractic treatment that is provided, supervised or directed by a licensed chiropractor. Treatment must be provided by a chiropractor, even if prescribed by a doctor and/or performed by a licensed physical therapist.

The plan pays a maximum of $50 per day, up to $680 each calendar year, per covered participant.

Using a Network Provider

You can seek care through any licensed chiropractor. However, JBT has negotiated discounted chiropractic treatment rates with Landmark Healthcare. So, if you visit a Landmark Healthcare network chiropractor, your out-of-pocket expenses are likely to be lower and you can get more treatment done within the $680 annual limit. The Anthem Blue Cross network also includes preferred chiropractors.

When you visit a Landmark Healthcare or Anthem Blue Cross network chiropractor, you pay a $20 copay and the plan pays 100% of the remaining covered expenses up to the plan’s maximum benefit ($50 per day, up to $680 each calendar year).

You do not have to file claim forms when you visit a network provider.

Here’s how you can find a network chiropractor:

  • To find a Landmark Healthcare provider: Visit the Landmark Healthcare website (www.landmarkhealthcare.com) or call Landmark Healthcare customer service at 1-800-638-4557.
  • To find an Anthem Blue Cross provider: Visit the Anthem Blue Cross website (www.anthem.com/ca) or call Anthem Blue Cross customer service at 1-800-274-7767.
  • You can also call the JBT Administrative Office at 1-800-JBT-HELP (1-800-528-4357).

Using a Non-Network Provider

If you visit a non-Landmark or non-Anthem Blue Cross chiropractor, the chiropractic treatment benefit pays 70% of covered expenses, up to plan’s maximum benefit ($50 per day, up to $680 each calendar year).

You need to file a claim form to be reimbursed for out-of-network chiropractic care. For more information on filing claims, refer to the “Claims and Appeals Procedures” section in the plan’s Summary Plan Description (1.1 MB PDF).

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JBT 1400 Hour Summary Plan Description (1.1 MB PDF)

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