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JBT gives you a choice of medical coverage options. You can choose:

The table below outlines the key differences between the plans. Refer to the Plan Comparison, JBT Plan, and HMO Plans sections of this website for more details.

If you have questions about your medical plan options, contact the JBT Administrative Office at 1-800-JBT-HELP (1-800-528-4357), or the plan carriers directly.

Medical Plan Summary

JBT Medical Plan

HMO Plans


Available in all locations.

Availability is based on your home ZIP code.

Choice of Doctors

More choice. You may use any licensed doctor, but you will pay less out of your pocket when you use preferred doctors.

Less choice. You must use your HMO’s doctors and facilities to receive benefits.

Your Out-of-Pocket Costs

You pay a deductible plus a percentage (co-insurance) of your expenses.

For many services the HMO pays expenses at 100% after you pay a fixed copay amount.; however, some services are subject to a deductible plus co-insurance.


You do not have to file claim forms when you use preferred providers.

You must file claim forms when you use non-preferred providers.

You do not have to file claim forms.

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Joint Benefit Trust
1-800-JBT-HELP (1-800-528-4357)

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JBT 1400 Hour Summary Plan Description (1.1 MB PDF)

JBT 1400 Hour SMM (32 KB PDF)

Medical Plan Comparison Chart (32 KB PDF)

Mammography Network Providers (20 KB PDF)

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