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Preventive Care

Seeking regular preventive care is an important step in improving and maintaining your health. Each of the JBT medical plans provides guidelines for preventive care, including screenings, tests, immunizations and lifestyle recommendations. The guidelines may vary by plan for infants, children and adult men and women. The guidelines can also vary based on your family history and risk factors for illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes, and whether you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

While our plans may not cover all of the recommended services, it’s important to know and discuss with your doctor what’s recommended for you.

View the medical plan comparison chart to see how the JBT-sponsored medical plans cover preventive care.

Annual myhealthIQ Screening

The myhealthIQ program is designed to serve as the annual health screening and health risk management for eligible adult participants.

During your screening, you’ll meet with a health care professional to discuss your current health, your age, what you eat, how much you exercise and whether you use tobacco or alcohol. The health care professional will also measure your height, weight and waist size, take your blood pressure and draw a blood sample. The tests covered through myhealthIQ are the same as those your doctor might order as part of your annual physical exam.

Following your annual myhealthIQ screening, you’ll received a comprehensive health risk report. This includes your health risk score, your significant health risk factors, and the results from your blood. Additionally, the report provides information about your risk factors and next steps you can take to reduce your risk. You can share your results with your doctor, who will help you determine the appropriate next steps for your health.

Preventive Care Benefits for JBT Medical PPO Plan Participants

If you participate in the JBT Medical PPO plan, when you complete the annual myhealthIQ screening, the plan will pay 100% for these preventive care services as long as you visit an Anthem Blue Cross preferred provider:

  • Cancer screening tests
    • Annual gynecological and pap smear
    • Fecal occult blood test—once every 5 years starting at age 50
    • Screening colonoscopy—once every 5 years starting at age 50
  • Annual flu shot—starting at age 50
  • Pneumonia immunization—once every 5 years starting at age 50

You become eligible for these benefits two months after you complete the myhealthIQ screening. Your eligibility continues for 12 months after. For example, if you complete the myhealthIQ screening in February 2010, you can receive coverage for these services from April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011.

Also, the plan pays up to $100 for an annual mammogram for females who have reached age 40. You can use any radiology provider. However, the JBT has contracted with radiology providers throughout Northern California who have agreed to accept JBT's payment as payment in full. Mammography Network Providers (20 KB PDF) participating in the mammography network is separate from the Anthem Blue Cross network.

Preventive Care Benefits for HMO Participants

Kaiser Permanente and PacifiCare have their own guidelines and coverage schedules for preventive care services. Contact your HMO directly to discuss the appropriate services for your age, gender and health status.

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JBT Medical Participants: When you complete the annual myhealthIQ screening, you'll receive enhanced preventive care benefits. Learn more »

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