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Lifestyle Management

Individuals who participate in the myhealthIQ program receive a comprehensive health risk report identifying their potential health risks. If your results indicate areas of high-risk, you’ll be invited to participate in the JBT Health Matters Lifestyle Management program. This is a free and confidential program that can help you make long-term lifestyle changes and in doing so improve your health and quality of life.

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For more information about the Lifestyle Management program, call Healthways customer service at 1-866-577-8211, or the JBT Health Matters office at 1-800-284-3926.

How the Lifestyle Management Program Works

The JBT works with an independent health and wellness vendor, Healthways, to provide this program to eligible participants. This program is designed to help you reduce your health risks—e.g., obesity, tobacco use, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Your eligibility for and participation in the program is voluntary and strictly confidential. Refer to the Criteria for Program Eligibility used to identify participants who can benefit from the Lifestyle Management program.

If your annual myhealthIQ screening uncovers areas of high-risk, a Healthways health professional will call you to explain how the program can help you. It’s your choice to enroll in the program, and if you do so, you’ll begin working directly with a Lifestyle Management Health Advisor.

You and your Health Advisor will work together to develop a plan for changing the habits that may be negatively affecting your health. As you follow your personalized plan, your Health Advisor will coach, encourage and support you through a series of one-on-one phone calls (six to eight pre-scheduled calls over a 12-month period). When you enroll in the program, you’ll also receive educational materials about your health risks and making lasting lifestyle changes. In addition, you’ll have access to online wellness tools and services.

Criteria for Program Eligibility

The table below shows the different criteria used to identify participants who might benefit from the Lifestyle Management program. If your annual myhealthIQ screening results hit one or more of these thresholds, Healthways will give you a call to discuss your possible enrollment in the program.

Health Risk

Screening Results

Area of Focus for Lifestyle Management

Blood Pressure:
Diastolic (BPDIA)

Your BP DIA is 100 or higher


Blood Pressure:
Systolic (BPSYS)

Your BP SYS is 160 or higher


Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your BMI is 40 or higher

Weight Management

Cholesterol: LDL
(Low Density Lipoprotein)

Your LDL is 160 or higher


Cholesterol: Total

Your total cholesterol is 240 or higher


Glucose (fasting—More than 8 hours fasted)

Your glucose result is 126 or higher


Nicotine: Tobacco Use

Nicotine is present in your blood test

Tobacco Cessation


Your GGT result is 300 or higher

Alcohol Use

Your Privacy

Your eligibility for and participation in the Lifestyle Management Program is voluntary and strictly confidential. Your private health information is protected by a law known as HIPAA, and will not be shared with your employer, union, physician or another family member without your written consent. Refer to information regarding the JBT Notice of Privacy Practices (254 KB PDF) and the Your Privacy page.

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